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Eric’s Bestselling College Memoir: “That Book About Harvard”

The bestselling “That Book About Harvard” is now available wherever books are sold! Follow the links below so you can buy several hundred copies.

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“Just in time for graduation season, Kester, a writer for, shares his hilarious and poignant misadventures during his often humiliating first year at Harvard…With self-deprecation and clear eyes, he deftly manages to dispel some of the Harvard mythos and his illusions as he learns to not take his achievements or himself so seriously.” – Publishers Weekly

“Even if you didn’t go to an ultra-competitive school, you will still enjoy this book. Eric does a great job of poking fun at himself, his school and just about everything, without being offensive. It’s a great humor book that would be perfect for any kid who is just entering college. ” – Second Bookshelf on the Right

“This is a very funny memoir. I loved Kester’s writing style. He writes like he’s talking to a friend. There are no bars held. This would be a great book for anyone who likes funny memoirs. It could also be a really funny book for anyone in college or who will be going to college. If the new college students have any fears, Kester will alleviate them by making the college students glad that what happened to Kester did not happen to them…Bottom line: Laugh out loud funny!” –A Bookish Affair

“It’s alright” –Eric’s Dad

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  1. I finally got ahold of it and started reading it! It’s great! It feels good to know that the nation’s most prominent future success stories and teenage brainiacs can be just as silly, superficial, insecure, sex-focused, scared, and wacky as any other college students. Who knew that at Harvard there were so many odd traditions non-students would never know about (like wee-weeing on that statue), not to mention drug/cheating cultures, and hunky football players who write books and still have their insecurities with the ladies. What fun to read! Bravo, sir.

    December 4, 2012

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