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iPhone App Review: Boob Party

(Originally published 1/18/10)

With so many apps available for the iPhone, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are worth downloading. I find that the most effective way to find the best apps is to trust popular opinion, as the cream of the crop always finds its way into the “Top 10” most downloaded section of the App Store. This is what led me to the application “Boob Party,” which currently ranks #7 in the store, barely edging out useful apps like “The Weather Channel” and “Tasty Pasties 18+ Amateurs.”

Initially, I wasn’t interested in this application. The fact that it had over 3.5 million downloads in the first week left me more depressed than impressed, and I spent several days coping with the realization that the world is a far lonelier place than I ever imagined. Still, “Boobs Party” received rave reviews, and it was difficult to ignore such glowing endorsements from users like VeNGEfuL_WArLocK1992 who notes that “THIS APP IS F**KING SWEEEEEET!!!” I was sold when I read one particularly insightful review from user SCHLONG_CONNERY, who stated “dis app iz a must have. makes my bus ride 2 werk 103434 times more x-citing!!”

Upon opening this app for the first time, I was struck that “Boob Party” seemed to have plenty of the former and very little of the latter. In fact, there was no “party” to be seen in this application, unless you count the video clip of two girls engaging in a playful pillow fight. I think that the developer included “Party” in the title because, when combined with “Boobs”, it gives the target demographic access to a combination of things they have never been invited to.

While it’s comforting to know that, should a crisis occur, I have 50 pictures and 10 video clips of busty girls waiting for me in my pocket, I still have trouble recommending “Boob Party” to my readers. It seems better suited for the male 13-16 demographic, which ironically falls out of its “Age 17+” rating. I’m not sure how such an application made it into the Top 10 most downloaded apps. Personally, I find it kind of pathetic when people put “Boob” in the title of their App or blog post just to increase traffic.

Final Grade for the app “Boob Party”: DD

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