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A Deep Poem

Writing a deep poem isn’t hard,
despite what your English teachers
want you to think.
The first step is to format
your poem using haphazard

syntax that gives the illusion
of ineffable profundity.
Next, add a couple words that
no longer belongeth in the English language.
Drop in a few parenthetical exclamations
and (lo!) you are off to a splendid start.

Mystifying similes and metaphors
are a must if you
wish to sound esoteric,
like a whimsical firefly floating
through a maze of pensive irony.

Throw in some references to nature,
evoking images of pastel sunsets and
giving unwarranted credit to the
sublime elegance of the speckled frog.
Some random capitalization will
give the reader pause
as she contemplates the abstract meaning of
a Babbling Brook.

Now add a few short lines
to drive home
a message
that always

If you do these things
your poem will be hailed as
A True Masterpiece
and it will not cross the reader’s mind
that this poem would have been better
if it had rhymed.

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