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If I Blogged When I Was 14 Years Old…

(Originally published 8/28/08)

“Man, sometimes I can’t believe just how far technology has come. The other day I got my very own cell phone, and it’s freaking awesome. It’s a Nokia, and it’s so small that I can basically fit it in my pocket if I’m wearing cargo pants. It’s one of those fancy “Smart Phones” that’s hooked up with all the sweetest new features: Voicemail, Speed Dial, Snake…you name it, this puppy has it. I don’t get reception within a 2-hour radius of my house, but I bet it will come in handy if I ever need to take a road trip to Rhode Island or something.

For my birthday I got this really cool thing called an “Mp3 Player”. It’s kinda like a Discman but smaller, and it doesn’t even use CD’s. And here’s the best part: it holds up to 25 songs. That’s right. 7 more songs than your average CD! An absolute steal at $300, if you ask me. And it’s so easy to download music for it. My Internet is wicked fast now, so all I have to do is use this program called “Napster” to get music. I just search for the song I want, double-click it, go to bed, and if it’s done downloading in the morning, I can just add it to my Mp3 player! I’ve already downloaded 12 songs, and I’m hoping to be at like, 30 or 40 by the end of the year. It’ll be hard choosing which songs to keep on my player!

My friend’s family is all about the latest technology, and they’ve gotten some real nice stuff lately. First, they got this unbelievable TV. The picture is literally crystal clear. I went over there the other day to watch the Patriots game, and I swear the picture was so sharp that I could easily read the numbers on the players’ jerseys like, 80% of the time. He’s hooked up some cool stuff to the TV, like a DVD player, VHS Player, and even a stereo. It’s so fancy that they need 7 different remotes to work everything.

They also got a new car. It’s one of these fancy “hybrid” cars, which means that it has both a cassette player and a CD player! I hope that one day I have a car like that. Then again, if it still costs a ridiculous $20 dollars to fill up a tank, then I think I’ll pass!”

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